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The Korean Real Estate Post-founded in 2003-- is the first publication of its kind; an ethnic newspaper primarily dedicated to informing/educating its target audience about issues pertinent to the real estate market.


Our writers include realtors, builders, lawyers and lenders, all professionals in their trade, and all qualified and eager to share their knowledge with the general public. Our editor has many years of industry experience with the Korea Times and the graphic design team is second to none.


Every week, 8,000 issues are printed and delivered free of charge to nearly all Korean-Canadian businesses in the GTA(as well as select institutions in Vancouver and Seoul) and individual readers. Any reader who is interested receiving a copy of the Post simply calls our office, answers a few market research questions, and is provided with free home delivery for as long a period as they desire. A conservative estimate of total readership has been set at over 11,000.


Issues of the Post are shipped out every Friday to both businesses and individual readers by our in-house delivery staff.